Show us your kids! Win a prize!


Here's what we're looking for:

We're looking for cover-worthy photographs of amazing kids! If we pick your child's photograph, you'll win a prize (deets to come). The winning photo will be used in our Winter issue, with a release date of December 2017.


Best photo format:

  • Photos should be vertical (just like our cover!)

  • Show us your child(ren) enjoying a WINTER activity – like playing outdoors, in the snow, eating some healthy foods, playing in the garden, etc. (No partial baby bare skin please, these will not be accepted).

  • You may send us a low-resolution photograph by email, and if your photograph is chosen we'll ask you for a high-res pic

  • PNG, EPS, TIF, screenshot, whatever you choose is fine. Please do not exceed 5MB in size

  • Full colour photos only please



Take into consideration the time of year/weather, ie: We will not publish a winter cover with a child's photo where they're wearing a summer shirt! Consider that our cover needs space for the logo and some text. 


Get your creative juices flowing and show us your talent at photographing your kids! 


How/where to send the photo:

  • By email to:

  • Please also send along your child's FIRST NAME ONLY, age, and city of residence

  • Only send us a photo of your own child, not someone else's as these will not be accepted. 

  • By sending us a photo you understand it may be published on social media online, in print and through our website.

  • Photos should be recent.

  • Deadline for entry: November 1, 2017


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