Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature


– By Suzanne Soto-Davies


Nature has provided us with everything we need to survive and thrive: Food, water, materials for shelter, even plants to help with healing in case of illness. Unfortunately, we muck around with nature and with our own bodies through stress, indoor and outdoor pollutants, bad foods, and other unhealthy habits. 

Thankfully, nature has amazing health benefits, and we must begin to embrace them:

Tip #1: Get out there!

Take a stroll through your local park, and if you're near the water, take a moment to remove your footwear and dip your feet in the water. If you're taking a longer stroll, why not bring some healthy snacks and water, and spend a few more hours... your whole family will benefit!

Tip #2: Exercise - OUTDOORS

Skip the gym membership for a few months and take it outside. Hiking, Trekking and Strolling outdoors brings fresh air into the lungs and removes toxins. Healthier lungs mean a healthier you!

Tip #3: Take in your natural Vitamin D

Vitamin D is dubbed "Nature's Gift" because the sun's rays (even on cloudy days) can increase our mood stability, increase metabolism, even aid in weight loss. Vitamin D may also be able to protect from disabilities and illnesses such as stroke and diabetes. 

Tip #4: Unplug

Take your e-phones with you, but put them on airplane mode and use them as a camera only! Forget the email, social media and allow yourself the time to not answer any calls... even for just an hour. Being in nature has an amazing positive impact on your brain, and the results of enjoying nature are ten-fold... it's good for everyone!


Take a look at this Infographic, prepared for us by FactDr:

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