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Looking for easy,  healthy recipes? Hey, Raising Kids hears ya! These are a few of the many recipes we've whammed together. Try 'em out!


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Banana Oatmeal Energy Squares


Gluten-Free Peach Banana Bread


Smokin' Veggie Burgers - beat and black bean!


Gluten-Free Corn Bread patties ("Pupusa")


Super Yum Poached Fish (15 minute meals)


Maple Syrup Banana Muffins


Meatless Taco Stuffed Peppers


Easy Vegetarian Casserole (with Kale, Chickpeas, Cauliflower)

Baby Quiche - Night-before breakfast or lunch! Easy to personalize too!

Roasted Sunflower Seeds: What a great (nut-free!) snack for school!

No-bake energy balls

Home-made granola - never buy cereal again!

How to make your own (super easy) nut or seed butter

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