Just one teaspoon of sugar = much damage.

Just one teaspoon of sugar

shuts down your immune system



The body has approximately 5 litres of blood traveling around in the blood vessels and the heart at any given moment. Within this amount of blood, there is approximately one teaspoon of natural occurring sugars, required for the body to do regular activities.


If at any given moment there is more than that amount of sugar, this excess sugar can slow down circulation. The body's organs begin to focus on digestion - and pancreas, liver, heart, even brain, take over to focus on finding a solution rather than on protecting the body.


The average person today consumes 1/3 of a pound of sugar EVERY DAY, with half of that coming from fructose (even in fruits) which triggers biochemical havoc. And that is the "average" person, many consume even more!


The sugar overload during Halloween is the main reason why approximately two weeks after the dreaded trick or treat day, doctors see an increase of illnesses such as ear infections, strep throat, stomach illnesses and digestive issues.


It's important to teach children now, to limit their sugar intake. Naturally occuring fructose is much easier for the body to digest, so let's focus on that, rather than treats with added processed sugars. The will reap the health rewards later... and now!


Once their bodies have adjusted to a sugar-less diet, their bodies will not crave it. At all...

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