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Parent Helpers can help minimize depression. 


– By Deborah Hilton

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She was eventually diagnosed with acid reflux . Many babies suffer with it, but hers was so severe, that the constant burning in her esophagus, caused extreme discomfort. Sleep was too painful because when lying down, food would pool and the pain would wake her. 


I recall a visit to the Doctor one day for Emily’s regular check up, and he asked me if I was able to get out of the house much. Of course not – I had a three month old and a 2-1/2 year old! It was February and winter was in full swing. During that appointment, he insisted I find opportunities to get out on my own… without the kids. To clear my head, to get some groceries, go for a coffee. It was not until a few days after that appointment that I understood what he was recognizing in me without actually saying so. I was struggling with post-partum depression. 


I would’ve never recognized it, if he hadn’t pointed it out. Sure I was sad, frustrated, and exhausted. He knew that a high needs baby was enough to cause some unsettling feelings as my days were spent with a newborn and a toddler.  


Then when my Doctor recommended I find some help during the days while my husband was at work, I hadn’t actually considered that I was living my days enduring this depression, but quickly realized he was right. I was fortunate enough to have a Mom and a Mother-In-Law close enough to come and spend some time with the girls and I. I could get out and clear my head, even if it was just to the grocery store. They helped clean up a bit with dishes and such, and I was even able to take a nap. 


As a community, we need to be more sensitive to the topic of Post-Partum Depression. I believe society has come a long way with it, but there’s always room for improvement. 


There are so many factors that can lead to Moms struggling when they stay home with their children, especially during their youngest years. The role and responsibilities of a parent are difficult, even with all the fun moments and extra snuggles in between. 


Hiring extra support can make a world of difference. Even if it’s only temporary, having someone come in to help goes a long way for the health of your family.  


Moms are healthiest when they’re rested and supported. 

Ideally, this means having someone who is flexible and can support you and your family the way you need to be supported.


For example, at Health Matters , our Mother’s Helpers are the extra hands in the home when you’re feeling overwhelmed by what the days bring. Time and time again, we’ve had families reach out to utilize our Parent Helper service because they are simply overwhelmed with life. Parent Helpers are a fantastic way to ward off depression, even if it is only 2 hours once per week. They help to take the load off of child rearing responsibilities and daily tasks within the home. 


You’re doing a great job Mom, even though you may feel like you are at the bottom of the barrel. I’ve been there. Hang on to that rope. Don’t give up. Ask for help. It takes a lot of courage to do so. If you have limited or no family support, invest a little bit into a Mother’s Helper. 


Even two hours a week can make a world of difference. 

Hang tight – you are raising fabulous little people! • 


- - - -


Easing the feelings of depression can be as simple as utilizing some or all of the following factors, to help keep everyone healthy:

• Drinking water

• Taking in a lot of vitamin D

• Asking for help when you feel overwhelmed

• Making sure the Stay at Home Parent (whether mom or dad!) has the opportunity to get out of the house without kids in tow

• Getting exercise 

• Making opportunities to socialize with other stay-at-home moms

• Have no expectations on finishing the daily chore list


- - - -

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She was 26 months old and she was full of life. She was social, happy and thrilled to be a new big sister! She took great pride in her new role. Ten days in, “her” baby was starting to vomit. A lot. “What’s wrong with baby Emily, Mama?” 


Our little babe started vomiting after every single feed. She had this incessant, inconsolable cry after feeds and in between them. That baby cry that you just want to fix instantly, but can’t. 


Emily cried and vomited all day long for the following 9 months. Every day. 

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