No-Poo Wash Method:

Recipe 2:  Shikakai

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What you'll need:

- 3 Tablespoons of Shikakai Fruit Powder

- a large comb


Shikakai is a​ shrub that grows in central India. It has been used as centuries as a cleanser for hair and body. It's very high in Vitamins C, A, D, E and even K. It has antioxidants essential for hair growth, and leaves your hair incredibly soft and almost "slippery" with softness.

Most people who begin using the No Poo Method, will begin with the basic Recipe 1 (HERE). After they have become accustomed to this method, they'll yearn for something softer and gentler, more natural than baking soda. Shikakai is IT!

The only challenge with Shikakai is that its brown colour and grainy texture can make a bit of a mess in the shower... nothing a little water and cloth can't clean up!

Not recommended for smaller children and babies, as it can sting if it gets in their eyes. 


  • Mix​ the Shikakai powder with warm water to form a paste that will resemble refried beans. (you may also use an old squeezable shampoo bottle to mix it inside and water down more... great for men, people with short hair and teens).

  • Apply onto scalp and hair gently - remembering that too much scrubbing will over-produce scalp sebum and create greasy hair next day.

  • It's not necessary to scrub the lengths of the hair, but you may if desired.

  • Rinse out thoroughly with warm water, until you don't feel any bits of Shikakai (sometimes it's easier to flip your head upside down and let water run through this way too)

  • Proceed with combing out hair while it's sopping wet, which prevents hair pulling and breakage which can usually happen with damp hair


Shikakai Flower Powder is sold through our Kids Naturally online store HERE. Also available at some Indian grocery stores.

Depending upon quantity used (= length of hair), one bag should last for about 12-14 washes.

Contact us for any questions! We're glad to help you make this happen!


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Shikakai Flower Powder is an amazing natural product to use for washing hair without a single chemical, and only ONE ITEM.

Available for sale through our Kids Naturally online store HERE.

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