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Why It Matters


– By Raising Kids Naturally founder, Suzanne Soto-Davies



I was always interested in natural health, holistic medicine, and nutrition. The way a body has the ability to heal itself astounded me – so from the time I was fifteen, I began to study Holistic Nutrition.


It became more serious when I had my three girls, and I realized that what I put in their bodies, and the time I spend with them, would have a profound impact on their health – from how they slept at night, to how well their little bodies sucked in the nutrients in our foods, to how little or how much they would get sick. I was given these three little gems to look after, and I didn't want to be the one that poisoned them!


Over the years my friends, family members, even my kids' friends, asked me for advice on nutrition and illness, and although I knew that I was not a professional health care practitioner, I had the knowledge to guide them.


One day, one of my friends asked me how was it that my kids ate everything without complaint (from sushi to beans, to strange fish dishes and curries... it was awesome!), and how did I do it so that they would not be compelled to eat at McD's... so I began writing down advice. That's when Raising Kids Magazine was born. 


When little, our children grow about 4 to 5 inches per year... They make up new bone, tissue, muscle and brain power from what they EAT! That is a reality that no parent should forget about. Every single bite they consume counts. And with so much illness, infections,  and depression going around, it is up to US PARENTS to guide them, teach them, and make them the healthiest human beings possible!


Raising Kids Naturally is much more than a 'foodie' magazine. It's about spending quality time as a family, going outside, feeding our children's brain with nature and fresh air, and realizing that we as parents have the powerful strength, with knowledge, to do it right – for their sake.


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