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Plastic straws are used for only around 20 minutes before being tossed in the garbage, which is an astonishingly quick lifespan for an item that will be on the planet forever. 
Plastic straws are too small and lightweight to be recycled properly, so they end up in our landfills. Plastic straws will never biodegrade. In the landfill, they will break down into smaller plastic pieces full of toxic chemicals produced by the degrading (breaking down) process.
In the U.S. alone, over 500 MILLION straws used daily. How much does that amount to? It's like circling around the earth 2.5 times daily, or filling up 127 school buses full of straws. We're not much different here in Canada, with the same per-capita use and disposal habits.

Straw Facts

Raising Kids Naturally is challenging every single person and establishment to #SkipTheStraw because #StrawsSuck!

Are you a business?

Join us and receive 3 gifts!

If you're a Halton Region business that would normally give out plastic straws, you can pledge to our #SkipTheStraw movement by starting with these three things:
Rather than automatically giving your customers a straw with their drink #SkipTheStraw – unless they ask for one (some people with physical challenges or smaller children may still on occasion request one). 
For the most part, you will find not too many customers will ask you for a straw, which can save you hundreds of dollars a year – plus you'd be helping to save our environment!
Although using any kind of straw doesn't make for a sustainable solution, there are straws which are better to offer than a plastic one. While you test your customer response, consider carrying paper straws that are eco-friendly and biodegradable, like the ones certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute. They can be found everywhere online nowadays, for a great price! (See below for some additional resources).
By making straws optional at your establishment and by signing our pledge form, we will give you:
  1. A starter package of 25 biodegradable paper straws, so you can see what they're like (take them for a test drive!) and so you know what to order when you buy your next package of paper straws
  2. Receive a template, customized with your logo to put on your tables and counters, showing your support to "Skip The Straw". This will be a great conversation starter with your customers, and they will appreciate your efforts. It will also help create more awareness!
  3. We will promote you on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) for free!

Are you an individual?

You can make a difference!

Each one of us can help reduce the use of disposable plastic straws in our communities in the following ways:
Despite the harm that plastic straws can cause to our environment, many restaurants will still automatically bring in drinks with a straw inside. When you order a drink, be sure to tell the server "I will not be needing a straw, thank you." You'll be proud of yourself for skipping a straw!
2. BE A #SkipTheStraw DETECTIVE!
Download and print out copies of our #SkipTheStraw invitation and carry them with you. Whenever you're in an establishment that serves their drinks with straws, be sure to provide them with one invitation – you'll be helping us to grow awareness to this great cause! (Wouldn't it be nice to not have a single plastic straw handed out, anywhere??)
Whenever you've handed a #SkipTheStraw Invitation, or if you know of an establishment in Halton Region who could use a little nudge, please let us know because the more establishments we contact, the more we all benefit.

Sources and Resources

For everything local that you can do to help save our city, and our planet!
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Information about alternatives to plastic straws, including paper, edible, straw straws, bamboo, glass, metal, DIY ice straws, and more.
Global Sources
With over 10,000 paper supplier sources.
One Less Straw
Educating the public about the dangers of single use plastic straws in Canada.
Worldwatch Institute
Devoted to global environmental concerns.
Educational and resources website
Plastic Pollution Coalition
Education on making a difference through less plastic use and disposal.
Strawless Ocean
Advocacy for understanding plastic pollution and its consequences
Lonely Whale.org
Advocacy, video, information
One Green Planet
Dr. David Suzuki 
Green Munch
Source for ordering Canadian paper and reusable straws
"Saying no to plastic straws"
"Turtle being saved from straw in nose"
"How does plastic end up in the ocean?" - by Greenpeace UK

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