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Tips for Happier Moms​

Happy Mommies means happy homes... But who looks after moms? Moms do of course! If you ever feel overwhelmed, tired, or like you need a bread, that's probably because you do. You're not alone!


Here are some tips that will help you be a happier mom... you deserve it!





























  1. Number one for sure: Get enough sleep. Proper sleep helps metabolize stress hormones better than any other known entity. The world on your shoulders will have to wait.

  2. Take 5 minutes per day to sit quietly, with eyes closed, and breathe deeply in and out through your nose. This activates the parasympathetic rest-and-restore nervous system. May sound easy, but it’s not. And it makes a world of difference. 

  3. Take a high-quality multi-vitamin, a B-complex to help handle stress, and assess your levels of iron and Vitamin D during gloomier months. 

  4. Exercise regularly, and if you think you’re too busy for it, at least take a 10 minute walk each evening. Allow yourself this time.

  5. Make a reasonable chore list for the kids, stick it on the fridge. And don’t be afraid of saying NO to them should they not complete them (threaten with taking away electronics! It works like a charm.) 

  6. Exchange meals with a friend or neighbour once per week. You’ll both be glad not to have to cook for one night, and it’ll be nice to have something new to try each week. Or, get your spouse to look after it.

  7. Schedule your chores: Mondays vacuum; Tuesdays bathrooms; etc. 

  8. Give your kids plenty of attention and energy during the day and early evening. But make sure they understand that after 8pm (for example) it’s YOUR time. Over time they’ll learn to respect you for it. 

  9. Buy yourself a little something each month. No matter how small.

  10. Turn off electronics and spend a little candlelight time each weekend. And look at your children for the first time, all over again.



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