Can children follow a vegetarian diet?


– By David A. Buhr

There is something special about eating a meal all members of the family can enjoy together. And it doesn’t have to be a dish that is packed with meat. Believe it or not—it has become increasingly easy (and normal) for kids and young people to reduce their meat intake in their diets and we totally understand the reasons. What’s more encouraging is the fact that nowadays children are eating way more veggies or vegetarian dishes than in the past.


But that does mean that your kids should be feasting on boiled broccoli or be content eating plain spaghetti every night? No, really. Cutting out meat from your kids' meals isn’t that hard, but make sure that the meals that you’re serving your kids look strikingly appetizing and delicious, healthy and protein packed.


Here we have compiled a list of five of best meatless recipes that your kids, as well as the entire family, can enjoy together. Let’s get started:


9 Vegetarian Meals Your Kids Will Love!


















1. Celery, Romaine, And Parmesan Salad

If your kid likes the deliciousness of a classic Caesar salad, then you will like this one. However, our version lacks the anchovies to keep the meal more appetizing for the kids’ palette. And yes, it vegetarian! This simple salad is perfect for lunch or as a filler dish for dinner.


2. Tortellini Salad Plus Zucchini And Peas

Zucchini and peas at the same time might seem a little too “vegetabley” for your kid's dinner, but they will like this. You just need to trust us on this one. Kids love cheesy tortellini and the zucchini makes the look tasty.


3. Cheddar, Broccoli, And Brown Rice Cakes

You can’t call yourself a real vegetarian if you don’t eat broccoli from time to time. We know kids have their own tastes and preferences, and not all children enjoy eating these green miniature trees. But this is different. It’s cheesy inside and on the top, and the whole thing is packaged in whimsical brown rice cakes. The broccoli is just another noodle in the mix.


4. Bell Pepper Wrap, Hummus, And Spinach

If you find your kid binging on hummus and spinach, then make him or her happy with this packable veggie-filled option. This recipe also makes a great lunch or dinner.


5. Spaghetti with freshly-made tomato sauce

We already mentioned not serving your children plain spaghetti. Making macaroni and cheese doesn’t help either. So, what will you do? Well, spice your spaghetti or pasta with fresh tomato sauce. Simply bash some tomatoes, sugar, chili, and shallots together in a pestle and mortar. This will release the flavours from the ingredients and will make the sauce perfect. You can make the meal more irresistible with creamy burratta cheese.


6. Double Bean With Roasted Pepper Chili

This hearty double bean dish is a low-fat and healthy vegetarian option and has chilies for additional flavour. To make it more indulgent serve it with soured cream, yogurt or Tabasco sauce.


7. Cauliflower, Cheese, And Macaroni

Macaroni and cheese is one of the blandest meals you can cook, but it is a comfort food, nonetheless. But you can make this classic dish a little more appetizing or should we say more “vegetarian” by adding cauliflower in it. You just made yourself a new classic!


8. Cauliflower, Cheese and Spinach Pasta Bakes

This is another cauliflower dish the kids will be salivating. This recipe falls somewhere between macaroni and cauliflower cheese, but what makes this dish perfect is the pasta bakes that has spinach. A perfect meal for a cold day, hands down!


9. Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Avocado

Want to take the classic grilled cheese sandwich up a notch? Just garnish it creamy avocado and bright tomatoes. And yes, if your kid likes to dip his or her sandwiches before eating, be an angel and serve it with a bowl of tomato soup. And if you’re preparing this for yourself, it is an excellent dinnertime sandwich.


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